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Belgian UFO Wave, 1989

Posted on:November 29, 1989 at 12:00 AM

Belgian Wave

A total of 143 sightings were reported in a small area around Eupen, Belgium after sunset. All witnesses describe a craft, triangular in shape, with three white lights on the corners and one pulsating red light in the middle. The craft has a dome on the dorsal side with three rectangular windows emanating and orange yellow light from within

Heinrich Nicoll and Hubert von Montigny, Nov 29, Belgian Federal Police

5:15PM: While patrolling the road between Eupen and the German border, they saw a nearby field lit with such intensity they could read a newspaper in their car. Hovering above the field was a triangular craft with three spotlights beaming down and a red flashing light in the center. Without making a sound it moved slowly towards the German border for about two minutes and then suddenly turned back to the city of Eupen. It remained over the town of Eupen for approximately 30 minutes and was seen by numerous additional witnesses. The craft emitted two red light beams with a red ball in the center of both beams. Subsequently the beams disappeared and the red balls returned to the vehicle. By the time the evening was over, at least 30 different groups and three separate pairs of police officers would allege to have seen the unidentified flying object. And they wouldn’t be the last.

6:45PM: The policeman saw a second craft, which appeared from behind the woods, and made a Ford tilting maneuver, exposing the other side of the fuselage. They describe the dorm on the upper structure with rectangular windows, lit on the inside. And then depart it to the north

7:23PM: The first craft stopped emitting the red light balls and departed to the southwest. The two policeman who were in radio contact with her dispatch learned that another UFO had been reported in the north, and they drove to an observation point. From that position, they saw the UFO moving into a nearby village where two of their colleagues, Dieter and Peter, saw the craft approaching from the direction of Eupen.

Dieter Plummans and Peter Nicoll, Nov 29, Belgian Federal Police

7:30PM Peter and Nicoll Stopped their car near a monastery, when they observed a craft with three very strong spotlights and a flashing red central light at a distance of 300 feet and an estimated height of 250 feet. The craft was stationary and completely silent. The craft suddenly made a hissing sound, and reduce the intensity of the lights. Simultaneously, a red light ball came out of the center and headed straight down close to where they were. They were both terrified. The craft moved right above the police vehicle and headed to the northeast. They followed it for about 5 miles until the Eliase side of it.

Francesco Valenzano, Dec 1, Weather Forecaster

Francesco and his daughter were walking near the square Nicolai in Ans, near Liege. They saw a large slow moving craft approaching at low altitude. The craft made a tour of the square without making any noise. It passed directly over their heads. He noticed Delta shape with three lights in a triangular position, and a red rotating light in the middle that was positioned lower than the belly of the craft.

Parents, two kids and grandparents, Dec 11

A 12 year old boy, along with his family, witnessed a similar looking craft in the vicinity of their home for about 15 minutes. It was not moving at first, but then started moving towards their house and passed vertically overhead. The boy’s drawing shows a frontal view when the craft is almost overhead, and another view when it was fully overhead. The different shapes could explain why some witnesses reported a craft that was not triangular. The perception of the shape can vary depending on the angle of observation.

Colonel André Amond, Dec 11, Army Civil Engineer

André Amond

6:45PM André was driving with his wife and they both saw three large light panels in a red flashing light on the right hand side of the car. He was driving faster than the craft but when they stopped and got out of the car to observe, the light panels caught up and turned towards them. Suddenly they saw a large spotlight about twice the size of the full moon approach them. The Colonel’s wife was afraid and asked to leave. As he opened the car door, the craft made a very tight left-hand turn at the speed of approximately 10 mph, and three other lights appeared on the other side of the craft, a triangular formation with a central pulsating light. There was no sound, and although it was a full moon the witnesses didn’t see the structure of the craft. After completing its turn, it suddenly accelerated very rapidly, only to vanish in the darkness of the night. He sent a detailed report to the Belgian Defence Minister.

Scientific Analysis

This experience made such an impression on him that he paired up with Major General Wilfried De Brouwer and wrote an independent scientific analysis from facts collected from interviewing witnesses and his own personal sighting

ERNAGE 1989: The Facts and their Analysis

The most important elements of the testimony of Lt Col André Amond have been reported in his letter to the Ministry of Defence (MOD). This letter states that, together with his wife, they spotted and observed an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) while driving during the evening of December 11, 1989, on a country road in Ernage, near the town of Gembloux in Belgium. The charac- teristics of this UAP were so unusual that it incited them to stop and observe its movements and behaviour while standing outside, next to their car. At a certain moment, the UAP turned into their direction and came so close that it frightened them made them decide to return into the car to leave the scene. When they were back in the car, the flying object turned sharply to the left, accelerated and darted away at very high speed. In his letter to the MOD, Lt Col André Amond reported a number of very special characteristics:

Petit-Rechain Photo, 1990

On April 4th, 1990, a couple in the town of Petit-Rechain claimed that they had managed to photograph a triangular craft hovering near the town. A man named “Patrick” submitted the photo, though he remained otherwise anonymous. The now-famous photo was sent for analysis at both the French National Space Research Center (CNES) and the Belgian Military Academy. When researchers overexposed the picture they discovered that a triangular shape was visible beneath the lights. A more recent analysis of the photo also showed a halo of light surrounding the craft, indicating the presence of a magnetic field.

Further studies were performed by NASA scientist and NARCAP founder Dr. Richard Haines in 1994, and by physicist Dr. Andre Marion in 2001. All analyses agreed that the photo was not only genuine, but showed a real craft of unknown origin with unique characteristics. No study found any evidence of tampering with the image

Petit-Rechain Photo

Professor Marion’s more recent analysis in 2002, used more sophisticated technology. He confirmed the previous findings, while explaining a new discovery. Numeric treatment of the photograph revealed a halo of something lighter surrounding the craft. Special optical processing shows that within the halo, the light particles form a certain pattern around the craft, like snowflakes in turbulence. This is very similar to the pattern of iron fillings which is caused by “the lines of force” in a magnetic field. This could indicate that the craft is moving by using a magnetoplasmadynamic propulsion system, as suggested by Professor Auguste Meessen in one of his studies.

Many hidden elements were revealed only through the analysis of this photograph, showing that the picture was not fake. The experts noted especially that the unique characteristics of the lights are very specific, and said such an effect would not occur if the picture was a hoax. Also, the findings of the experts are consistent with the account of the photographer, who initially didn’t think much of the shot and kept it in a drawer for weeks before showing it to anyone.

Interview with Col. Wilfried Brouwer