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Andy Thomas on crop circles, 2019

Posted on:January 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM

About Andy

Andy Thomas was born and bred in the south-east of England at Lewes, East Sussex, an area where he still lives today with his wife and son. A founder and member of the Southern Circular Research team (SCR), which carries out much active cerealogical work and has been holding regular public meetings since 1991, Andy is now editor of the popular website, renowned for its outspoken and insightful reporting. He previously produced SC, the globally read bimonthly crop circle journal.

Andy has made numerous international radio and TV appearances, including television spots on The Learning Channel, The History Channel, and NBC’s Today Show. He has been featured in many programs in his home country, the UK, as well as in overseas productions in places as diverse as Italy, Denmark, Japan, and Germany, and has appeared in various crop circle documentary videos.

Video on Crop Circles

Crop circles, those beautiful and complex patterns that are visible from the air in fields around the world, have long fascinated the public, media, and scientific community. Vital Signs is a comprehensive guide for newcomers to these puzzling patterns and an essential history for those who are already intrigued. Illustrated with hundreds of full-color and black-and-white photos, this chronological and photographic history is an accessible discussion of the various crop circle theories, physical and statistical evidence, and the surprising effects these formations have had on observers and researchers.

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Vital Signs

A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery and Why It is Not a Hoax